The Ironing is Done

by Ciaran Burke

11.15 pm and I have just finished the ironing! The table clothes for the stand needed a once over to get the bad wrinkles out, so that our tables look nice and neat when we finish putting the stand together tomorrow.

We have the car packed, nasturtium plants, sunflowers and a couple of others. Tables, more leaflets and thousands of nasturtium seeds. So it time for bed, we will be up at 5 am tomorrow so that we can hit the road early. All the stands have to be ready by 3 pm tomorrow afternoon, when the judges do their walk about.

It is getting close, we are looking forward to it, we hope lots of people will bring a paper pot with a sown seed home from Bloom.

Photos below: my iron and the floral pavilion at Bloom on Monday afternoon.

2 Comments to “The Ironing is Done”

  1. Wishing you all the very best for a WONDERFUL time at BLOOM Cairan ! It just going to be a blast!!! Power be to the Nasturtium!

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