Ready to Bloom!

by Ciaran Burke

We have our stand ready! Posters are up, benches built, compost in and plants potted. We arrived on Bloom this morning after an early start from Co. Mayo. The floral pavilion was full of busy gardeners and florists putting finishing touches to their displays. Everybody had to be finished by 3 pm for judging. All the nurseries will be eager to find out if they receive a gold medal award for their stand. A gold award is given to nursery displays that are thought to be of high enough standard. In theory every stand could win gold, but not everyone does. Silver gilt, silver and bronze are also nice to get, but for many the only thing that glitters is gold.

One of the really nice things for us when we do a stand at Bloom or similar events is that we meet our friends from the garden world. Last year there was no Huntingbrook Gardens stand but this year Jimi Blake has returned and gone all out with a planted border featuring Aralia echinocaulis, such a memorable plant in his garden. Maybe the judges will give Jimi a gold medal. I will let you know…

Pictures below: Project Nasturium is ready to roll; Nasturtium pots arranged by Hanna; Huntingbrook Gardens stand.

3 Comments to “Ready to Bloom!”

  1. Love that Aralia – remember it from my (only, tut, tut) visit to Jimi’s garden a few years ago. Best of look with the show – the stand looks so peaceful (not for long)…

    • It is a lovely plant, I have one in a pot at home that Jimi gave me, but have not worked out where to plant it. Thanks for you good wishes, if it is anything like last year it will be wondeful bedlam!

  2. Thank you so much. Its great to be back and part of it all again. See you in the morning. Michelle your welcome any time to visit.

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