Nursery Pavilion

by Ciaran Burke

The nursery pavilion has been transormed into a festival of flowers and plants. Specialist nurseries sell their home grown plants, florists exhibit their creations, and education stand ate the to inform.

The judges decisions are always controversial to some extent, there will always be people will always be disappointed. I was delighted to see that the judges had awarded a gold medal to the Camolin Potting Shed for their floriferous nursery display and best in nursery category.

Our Project Nasturtium stand also earned an award. We arrived into the pavilion early this morning to see a card placed on a chair in out display; Special Commendation in the education category. We were very happy.

Airfield also received the same award in this category as did our friend Jimi Blake for his Huntingbrook Gardens stand.

We had an incredibly busy day on the first day, we must have made thousands of pots and sown loads of nastrurtiums, sunflowers and coriander. It has been great fun, meeting so many keen gardeners, beginners and anthusiasts, young and old.

We have been so busy it was not possible to take pictures of the action on our stand, maybe Friday will give the opportunity.

4 Comments to “Nursery Pavilion”

  1. Didn’t get to see you but your stand was certainly very busy when I passed by. Congrats on the award well deserved. Might see you before the weekend is out as have to re visit because hadn’t time to take photos as I was so excited!

  2. Concratulations on the award, ONNEKSI OLKOON!
    Merja, Antti and Mika from Molpe

  3. Concratulations on the award, Ciaran and Hanna! ONNEKSI OLKOON!
    Merja, Antti and Mika from Molpe

  4. Ciaran, I still have not seen you – – I have been as busy as you and my sponsor has had me jet-setting all around doing radio interviews and the like. Quite exciting.

    Congratulations on your brilliant award and I hope to come over and take some pictures!!


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