Two late comers make our day

by Ciaran Burke

“Can we make a pot please”, two tired young faces looked up at me. A little boy with his younger sister were followed by a tired mum, apologising for her children. It was 6.15 pm, fifteen minutes past closing. We were busy tidying up and sweeping our stand after a hectic day showing people how to make paper pots and sow seeds.

Their mother explained that they had been looking for our stand all afternoon. Her children had seen us earlier, it was all they had talked about she said. Their young faces were fillled with hope, how could we refuse.

Hanna went to the storage area to bring the seed, I tipped out compost from the bin and got ready to show the children how to make their pots. They paid attention as I showed them, concentrated hard as they rolled and folded the paper and looked so proud of their completed pots.

“Have you sown a seed before” I asked. Shyly the boy said no, his little sister grinned and shook her head. Enthusiastically they grabbed compost in their hands filling their pots, covering themselves and the floor with compost too. They pushed the seeds into their pots and patted them in. Broad smiles and energy now filled their faces, their mum took pictures and laughed. “Can I being this home?” they boy asked, of course we replied. Their mum asked how much she had to pay, and looked shocked and ecstatic when we said that it was for free.

The mum and her two children thanked us and walked away bouncing with hapiness, the children turning to wave goodbye with their wrapped up pots of nasturtium seeds in their hands. I think that there were only two people happier than the three of them at Bloom at that moment, that was us. We smiled widely, our own tiredness forgotten as we finished tidying our stand. Two children had just sown their first seeds. A perfect end to another great day doing Project Nasturtium at Bloom.

In the pictures below: two past student volunteers on our stand demonstrating how to make pots. The vast majority of people who made pots today were adults, but Project Nasturtium is for everyone. Bottom pic: View of a busy Friday afternoon in the Floral Pavilion from the Penninsula Primulas stand.

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