Inspiring Bloom

by Ciaran Burke

Despite the rain, thousands of people enjoyed Bloom today. Instead of keeping people away, if anything it seemed to be even busier.

Outside people wandered around the show gardens and in the floral pavilion the plant sellers were doing a brisk trade.

On our stand we had our busiest day so far. Pot after pot was rolled, folded and filled. People of all ages were sowing seeds of nasturtiums, sunflowers and coriander. I have been amazed by the reaction of adults to the concept of making paper pots. So many people have pledged to use them instead of plastic pots for sowing their seeds.

During the afternoon we had one middle aged lady make a paper pot and sow her first ever seed! She was so thrilled, her enthusiasm matched that of a child. She went away on a high, it was a brilliant moment. Later she called by the stand to show me plants she had bought. She had visited Bloom with a friend, but she herself had never gardened before. After sowing a seed in her paper pot she had felt inspired and was planning on doing some gardening, amazing!

I hope her seeds germinate soon, and her plants grow well. If she plants them in the next day or so, at least they will get well watered.

Photos below; a family learn to make paper pots and sow seeds; people of all ages are enjoying Project Nasturium; Alex from Mount Venus Nurseries trying to deal with a flooded stand during the rain before opening this morning!

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