A tolling bell signals that the end is nigh…

by Ciaran Burke

All around us people are making pots and sowing seeds. It’s Monday afternoon, our fifth day of Project Nasturtium at Bloom, and I starring to feel tired. Then a bell rings out. This signals the start of the sell off from the plant stalls, it’s four o’clock. Within a few minutes our stand is empty and chaos ensues all around us. People are going mad looking for bargains or for plants that were on display but sold out. The gentle world of gardening in the floral pavilion has turned into scenes of madness. People jostle goodnaturedly around the plant stalls. Stall holders lift plants out of their displays and out stretched hands reach out for their attention.

It’s the end of Bloom 2010. We took down our stand, and headed for home. It was a great five days. Project Nasturtium has been a phenomenal success. It would not have been possible without or sponsors, Suttons Seeds, and Enrich. We must also thank our volunteers for giving their time and patience to show people how to make paper pots and sow seeds.

So many people sowed their first seeds while at Bloom this year. A huge amount of Nasturtiums and sunflowers have been travelling to peoples homes. I hope all the seeds grow, Ireland is going to be a colourful place this Summer if they do. Thanks also to everyone who visited our stand and to those who participated. We hope we have given some inspiration to garden and grow. Now, what shall we do next year?

This morning we are at home in Mayo but later today we are going back to Dublin to meet 38 Finns and start an 8 day garden tour. I am going to keep a diary here ,so if you like you can follow us around some beautiful gardens on Ireland.

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