Garden Tour Starts Today – Kotipuutarha

by Ciaran Burke

We will be meeting 38 Finnish gardeners at Dublin Airport this afternoon. Then we will be heading straight to the Dillon Garden in Ranelagh. Over the next week we will be visiting some of the loveliest gardens in Ireland. Each day I will be posting updates, a diary if you like of the gardens that we visit. I hope that the rain stops soon…

Dillon Garden, 45 Sandford Road- photographed last June

4 Comments to “Garden Tour Starts Today – Kotipuutarha”

  1. …and I will be following you every step of the way Ciaran.

  2. Oh goody really looking forward to reading your posts and seeing the photos of each garden you guys visit. I do hope the weather improves for you! After this 8 day session I suggest you have a well deserved break…

  3. Can´t wait to read your Garden Tour diary. HYVÄÄ MATKAA Ciaran, Hanna and all the lucky 38 Finns!

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