Fota Photos

by Ciaran Burke

More plant pics from Fota! We had a great day today. The weather was great for garden visiting. Saturday morning we visit Lakemount the garden of Brian and Rose Cross. It is a fabulous place, I can’t wait to bring the group there. I am so lucky, being able to visit all these great gardens and share the experience with visitors to Ireland.

Everything is running smoothly, thanks to Kira from Tourwise Ireland for organising everything so well.

Tourwise Ireland
Unit 6, The Cube,
Cahir Business Park,
Cahir, Co. Tipperary,

Phone: +353-(0)52-744 5797
Mobile: +353-(0)87-418 5082


Photos below- from top:

Cornus capitata; Grevillea rosmarinifolia; Dipelta yunnanensis; Kalmia latifolia; Peony rose and Silene dioica; Rosa ‘Henri Martin’; Kolkwitzia amabilis; Hosta sieboldiana ‘Elegans’; Rosa sericea subsp. omiensis f. pteracantha; Actinidia kolomikta.

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