The Last Night

by Ciaran Burke

Shopping done,we travelled from Kilmurry Nursery  to Acvoca in Kilmacanogue in Co. Wicklow for lunch. More shopping was done, including more plants and seeds. Then it was time for lunch. After lunch it was back to Dublin, Trinity Capital Hotel, where they very nicely supplied plastic bags for everyone to help them pack their plants for taking home.

Their is no problem transporting plants between EU countries, the luggage weight allowance is the greatest obstacle. We explained how to chop back the foliage of herbaceous perennials,”Be brave”. Then take the plant from its pot and knock away the compost, wrap it in dampened newspaper, remember to pack the label, and put them into plactic bags. The wrapped plants can then go in the check-in luggage.

After all that work was done a group as went for an “Irish night”  in the Arlington Hotel. It is not something I would usually enjoy, however, there was surprisingly good food, and although the music wasn’t the greatest, the dancers were excellent.  Then it was back to bed before midnight because the poor Finns had to be up at 3.30 am to go to the airport.

We had a fabulous time, with great company, in beautiful places. I hope all our group has returned home safe and sound. We are glad to be home, the grass needs cutting, the borders need weeding and plants need planting.

Post-tour updates (including group photo) will be published on my main blog site on : (click on blog tab at top of page)

One Comment to “The Last Night”

  1. I completely am in awe of this blog 🙂 totally gonna have to put this on my bookmarks.

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