Lamb Belly Rolled With Apple And Elderberry Preserve

by Ciaran Burke

Copyright Ciaran Burke 2011

Lamb Belly Roulade with Apple and Elderberry Preserve

Last weekend the meat stall at the market has lamb belly for sale. As coincidence would have it I had for the first time ever tasted this delicous cut of meat at Cava Tapas bar in Galway the previous week.

Lamb belly has a bit more fat on it than say leg, but it is superbly flavorsome and when slowly cooked and served with a sweet condiment it is hard to beat. It is also an economic piece of meat with no wastage and cheaper per kilo than other so called prime cuts of lamb.

Copyright Ciaran Burke 2011

I laid out the belly cut on a chopping board and seasoned with cumin, coriander, salt and pepper. I crushed a couple of clovers of garlic and sprinkled with a good pinch of dried rosemary. I then placed apple slices along the length of the meat before rolling it and securing it with wooden skewers. I spread some elderberries over the rolled meat and placed a large onion quartered in the roasting tin.

Copyright Ciaran Burke 2011

Copyright Ciaran Burke 2011

The weight of the meat was about 1.5 kg, I roasted the meat at 160 degrees Celcius for just over two hours. After removing from the oven I allowed it to cool and then removed the skewers and carved into slices. I served it with elderberry preserve that I had made last autumn. Delicious.

Copyright Ciaran Burke 2011

This meat was also great when cold and made a great sandwich between slices of homemade spelt bread. Yum








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