Blooming temptations- Floral Pavilion at Bloom

by Ciaran Burke

The last day approaches, Bloom 2011 is nearing the end. We really enjoy doing our stand at the show, not only do we get to meet lots of  keen gardeners but we also get to catch up with our friends from the nurseries. There is always a great camaraderie between the participants at Bloom, sharing food, watching each others stands and swapping stories. Even though the days are long and the work  is tiring, there are always plenty of laughs. Lots of chat about plants takes place, opinions, recommendations and critical appraisal. There is also lots of temptation. Each year I promise myself that I will exercise amazing self control and not buy many plants. This year, like each year before, my resolve has crumbled when presented with the wonderful choice of beauties on display. I could not resist the double flowered ragged robin, Lychins flos-cuculli ‘Jenny’ from Kilmurry nursery, nor the biggest hosta in the world, so they say, that can reach 1.2m high with huge leaves, Hosta “Empress Wu’ from Boyne Garden Centre.

There are too many to mention, not all were purchased but there is still tomorrow to go. Below are some of the delights on offer at Bloom. (click on image to enlarge).

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