Latvian Rose

by Ciaran Burke

In our 20 square metres we have over 170 pots. It is a refuge, a place that defuses tension and refuels the soul.

In the last couple of days Rosa ‘Ritausma’ started to bloom.

It is a gorgeous double pink rose with a moderate fragrance, a rugosa hybrid. It never gets disease and is hardy.

It originated in Latvia in 1963 and is relatively unknown in Ireland. We bought the plant in a nursery in Finland a few years ago.

Originally it was planted in our garden in Mayo, when we moved it was dug up and potted. Now it is thriving in a 37cm diameter terracotta pot. It is watered regularly and I applied an organic fertiliser about 6 weeks ago along with some mychorizal fungi.

Last night as I was watering I could get the sweet scent in the air, a real beauty for the eyes too.




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