May 2022


Know the Difference Between a High Risk and A Low-Risk Food Handler

Just like any other industry, hotel and food industry includes the job roles where professionals have different types of responsibilities. And since food safety is a huge concern among the global consumers, there have been create different types of food handling certificate online. This is the reason that there is a basic handler card and a high risk card, also known as a higher risk card, for which the individuals would need to undergo the food safety handling course online. For those who don’t know, there are various differences in the high risk and low risk food handler certificate program.

Here is a complete detailed guide on the difference between the high risk and low risk food handler programs.

Food handling at a basic level (low risk)

As the name suggests, the basic level of food handling certification is aimed for the people working in the food industry and may be in contact with food in a non-direct way or who, in some way, may be involved in the food processing chain. The only thing to be noted here that these professionals are not directly linked with the food processing chain.

This is the basic type of food handling certificate that is more suitable for the transport of food, for agricultural-livestock production or for those jobs. We can say that the training provided with the basic food safety course online is more basic, too elementary so you can choose from a wider range of companies offering the training programs online. This is a more versatile training program for the professionals working in the food industry, useful for the needs of the professional and the labour market. 

How Does One Safely Handle Low-Risk Foods?

With the proper storage and handling of the food items that involve low risk ensures that there is a very low risk of any bacteria growing during storage, handling, or delivery. One has to ensure clean and sanitize all surfaces that come into contact with food.

High risk food handling

The next in the list we have here is the high risk food handling training programs that are more exclusively useful for the people who are directly involved with the handling of food, both fresh and cooked, and its intermediate stages. This training program helps professionals to take into account the risk incurred so that they can be prevented and minimized as much as possible. Various online training companies offer the custom high risk food handler certificate online to enable the working professionals to carry out these activities.

In the current market, the high risk food handling course online have been standardized as the common courses useful for the working professionals in the food industry to help people with the proper food handling and safety.

How Does One Safely Handle High-Risk Foods?

The professionals working in the high-risk food environment are required to have a food handler program because proper food handling can reduce the risk of illnesses caused by bacteria. Safe food handling means that the food is not just stored in the right manner, but it is also handled well.

While we can say that the difference involved in the effort and cost for obtaining the high risk and low risk food handling certificate online is almost the same and the validity period for the both is also the same for legal purposes, being the companies responsible for their Health and Hygiene Plans.

Final Words

So, when you are in the food industry associated with handling or transportation of food, opting for the appropriate food handling course online is mandatory. You must ensure that you are having the right type of food safety program like low risk food safety or high risk food safety program to make the most of your investment in the food safety program online.

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Exploring Restaurant Owner Income

Did you know that 4% of the US GDP is spent on restaurant meals? For this reason, it is safe to conclude that the US restaurant industry is booming. Americans also prefer consuming restaurant foods. So, don’t be surprised that approximately 50 percent of money spent on food in the country is spent on restaurants. For individuals offering their services in the hospitality industry, the increasing consumer interest in restaurant meals is translating to lucrative business opportunities, especially in restaurant ownership. Consequently, prospective entrepreneurs looking for worthwhile investments should consider venturing into the lucrative US restaurant industry.

What consideration should you make before starting a restaurant business?

First, owning a restaurant is one of the most exciting things you can do, especially if you are interested in the food and hospitality space. Second, you will enjoy being in the restaurant business if you possess an entrepreneurial mindset. What’s more, you will enjoy living as a restaurant owner if you are ready to work in the service industry and have a passion for growing a community.

As you can see, being a restaurant owner can be satisfying. The career can also be lucrative. However, remember that for restaurant owners, the money you take home will depend on the success of your restaurant business. Are you considering getting into the restaurant business? If so, understanding how much restaurant owners make will help you plan for your career in the hospitality industry. Get in touch with owners of the best restaurants for sale in Florida to understand the business even better

How much do restaurant owners make?

The average restaurant owner salary in the US is $60,000. However, remember that the success of a restaurant will have a final say on what the restaurant owner takes home as salary. Remember that, like entrepreneurs, restaurant owners are business owners who own and operate their businesses. As a result, they have a huge control over their earnings.

Expect restaurant owners to pay themselves more when their enterprises are profitable. On the other hand, these entrepreneurs will often reduce their pay when the restaurant isn’t making a lot of money, as it happened during the Covid-19 mandatory lockdown. Remember that you can always adjust your income as a restaurant owner once the business starts breaking even.

Will You Be Rich

While restaurants can make a lot of money, remember that most of the revenue from the business must be reinvested for the business to stay afloat or keep running. Also, remember that restaurants have expenses. Some of the most common restaurant expenses include sales tax, insurance, repairs, utilities, food & supplies, liquor, utilities,and etcetera.

So, you can earn a lot of money working in a restaurant. But this will happen gradually, not overnight. It’s worth noting that there is no restaurant that can make money without growing a loyal customer base.

How are restaurant owners paid?

If you are wondering how much do restaurant owners make, you will be pleased to learn that restaurant owners can be paid using monthly wages or by taking a piece of the restaurant’s overall profits. The bigger and profitable the restaurant, the more you are likely to walk away with huge amounts of cash in wages or restaurant profits. A compensation package might also be on the offing to help you increase your income as a restaurant owner. 

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The Different Types of Bacon Explained

We’ve all had it and loved it, but did you know that different types of bacon are made from different types of meat? Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious bacon sandwich or are looking for a healthy, all-natural alternative, the different types of bacon are sure to satisfy your taste buds. Let’s take a closer look at what makes each type unique. You’ll be more likely to find the best bacon in your local grocery store if you know what to look for.

The first type of bacon is made from pork, but there are many other varieties available. Turkey bacon is another great alternative that is both lean and low-fat. It is prepared using spices to add flavor to its meat. Unlike other types of bacon, turkey bacon is also low in calories, so it’s worth checking the fat content before purchasing it. However, it doesn’t have the same distinctive flavor as bacon.

Different Countries, Different Cuts

While most people are familiar with Canadian bacon, many people still have a few questions about the differences. Irish bacon, for example, is more expensive than Canadian bacon. It comes from the shoulder cut of the pork, which means that the meat is less tender than the belly, but still contains marbling to give it flavor. However, Irish bacon can be found in both thick and thin slices, depending on the thickness and taste you’re after.

American bacon is also known as bacon strips. The bacon itself is made from the fat of the pork belly. It has three strips of fat running along the rind. This type of bacon is also called streaky or side pork, and is the most common in the U.S., while Italian bacon comes from the side of the pork. The difference between these two types is mainly in the wood that is used for smoking.

Canadian bacon comes from the back and loin area of the pig. It has a similar flavor to ham, and is available in smoked slabs. The two types of bacon are similar in terms of fat, but they differ in their appearance. Both are delicious, but smoked turkey pancetta di maiale contains less fat. Moreover, Canadian bacon is rounder and has more meat than the pork variety. Cottage bacon is a lean pork slice, taken from the shoulder cut, and Italian bacon is made by seasoning pork belly meat with salt.

Cured or Uncured?

Another difference between cured and uncured bacon is the thickness. While there is no standard thickness for bacon, most of it is sliced to about a sixteenth of an inch. Thin-cut bacon is often labeled as such. On the other hand, thick-cut bacon is twice as thick as standard bacon slices, so it will give you a more substantial breakfast. Thick-cut bacon can also be diced into many dishes, including pizzas.

Despite its name, bacon is more common in the United States than in Europe. It’s available in every grocery store, but you can find lardons in specialty stores. While they’re not as common as bacon, they have distinct advantages. It’s a great substitute for lardons for sauteing or roasting. In fact, lardo is easier to find than bacon in the United States!

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