June 2022


What Features to Expect from Online Grocery Delivery Apps

Grocery delivery apps have now become a popular trend among consumers and grocery store owners alike.

If you are a consumer, here are some of the key features you can expect from online grocery delivery apps.

Chat Support

With the help of the chat support feature, consumers can raise their queries and have direct interaction with the grocery app’s chat support team. This is important if you have any issues that need to be resolved right away.

Push Notifications

The push notification is the most useful feature not only for the consumers but even for grocery store owners. These push notifications are the popup messages that are directly sent to the devices of the app user. They have proven their exceptional value in terms of increasing sales and retaining more app users.

Recommended Products

Thanks to eCommerce, it is now possible to mark specific products as recommended straight on the app. For instance, products can be marked as top-rated, bestsellers, and others. This can also come in handy for app users.

This is the same kind of feature that you might have seen on shopping websites. With this feature, the user’s previous search histories will be used to display the list of recommendations in the app.

Logins or Signups

Most app users today have been so used to quick and easy steps these days that time more time-consuming steps such as manual ways are no longer such a pleasant experience anymore. The process of registration must be user-friendly and simple. Some apps simplify this process by linking through a social media login.

Aside from this, other options include using the mobile number and email address. You can also find apps that offer fingerprint authentication. Users always appreciate it when they are given more options to choose from.

Smarter Search Methods

The search method is the main feature of grocery delivery apps and this needs to be effective but simple at the same time. It also needs to offer convenience to let the user search the products they need from the app.

The developer of the app should add different types of filters to make the process easier and smoother so that users can find the items they need in the list faster than ever. You can also find app developers that offer search through voice commands or uploading photos, something that customers find very satisfying.

Secure Payment Gateways

Rounding up this list of features of grocery apps is probably one of the most important, which is online payment. Apps can offer different payment channels such as via debit card, credit cards, Stripe or PayPal, or cash on delivery option. Offering secure payment methods can make users more willing to pay for their groceries online. This way, a contactless delivery will be possible that can benefit both the consumers and the delivery riders.

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Identify Whether Foods Are Halal Or Haram?

Many Muslims worldwide are curious about what foods are halal (lawful) and Haram (unlawful). Unfortunately, many non-Muslims don’t accurately understand Islamic dietary laws. This lakh of knowledge can lead to confusion and even potential conflicts. To help you identify and know whether foods are halal or haram, we’ll discuss the basics of halal and haram foods and guide how to identify them. You can also go through our targeted links for more information.

What Are Halal Foods?

Halal Foods are foods that meet the Islamic dietary guidelines. In other words, without hurting the animal and its environment during the preparation process. There are specific rules and regulations governing halal food production. It is essential to be aware of them if you wish to consume these products.

They must use humane methods to slaughter Halal foods, and this rule is one of the essential requirements. The animal should also be fully conscious during the process, which allows it to feel pain and die peacefully.

How Do We Differentiate Between Halal & Haram Food?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the terms halal and haram, which can confuse consumers. For the most part, halal means that an animal has been killed according to Islamic law and must meet specific standards before its use in food. Haram refers to any type of meat or food that is not considered Halal by Islam; this includes pork, alcohol, etc.

Since there are many different interpretations of these two terms, it’s essential to educate yourself about them to know what ingredients are allowed in your diet and why.

Additionally, it’s crucial to read food labels carefully so you don’t inadvertently consume anything that isn’t compliant with Muslim dietary guidelines. In general, though, if you’re looking for foods that are clean and free from allergens (both religious & environmental!), then Halal might be a better option than Haram. Please visit here to learn more about it.


In this blog, we explore how to identify and know whether foods are halal or haram. We explain the basics of Islamic law and its relevance to food and provide tips on determining if a particular food is halal or haram. We hope that this information will help you make informed decisions about your diet and avoid unwanted complications.

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