A Complete Process to Prepare Boiled Food for Weight Loss   

A majority of the individuals these days have started a healthy way of life, which includes a healthy diet as well as regular exercise. When you are following a healthy diet, you are allowed to eat foods that are not overloaded with lots of bad fats and calories. And the most ideal option for healthy food is to eat boiled food. Nowadays boiled food has changed the eating habit of a lot of people around the world because it helps them stay healthy and fit. Moreover, it helps in weight loss too. In addition, it can be prepared within a short time and can easily be stored for longer in a blast freezer.


Reasons to Choose Boiled Food

If you haven’t added boiled food to your diet or haven’t been familiar with their advantages, here are a few things you should know about: 

It Digests Quite Easily

When the food is boiled, many compounds present in it are broken down into simpler ones. As a result, the boiled food becomes quickly digestible. Since it gets immediately processed by the stomach, it is a standout amongst other food choices for sick individuals as well.

It Assists in Weight Loss

Boiled food has very low calories and high nutrient content. If you eat more boiled veggies, you are actually eating more fiber that will make you feel full for longer. Consequently, these properties of boiled food will help you lose weight and achieve your goals. 

It Makes Your Skin Glow

Boiled food is incredibly amazing for your skin particularly when you eat boiled vegetables like carrots, yams, peas, and so on. Boiled food assists in nourishing as well as hydrating your skin. Consequently, your skin glows both from outside and inside

It Lowers Stomach Acidity

When you eat boiled food, the release of acid in the stomach is much lower as compared to oily or fried food. Additionally, the food gets digested very easily. It indicates that the food stays in your stomach for a brief time frame, which assists in decreasing the likelihood of acidity.

It Promotes Hair Growth

If you take a healthy diet regularly, it also reflects on your hair. When you eat more boiled food, your hair growth, as well as shine, is increased. On the other hand, applying boiled carrot puree on your scalp for thirty minutes daily might assist in further promoting hair growth.

It Helps Fight Stomach Inflammation

Boiled food is easily digestible and thus it puts lesser stress on your stomach. Eating boiled food is an extraordinary way to recover from any sort of stomach infection. This is because the boiled food is lighter for the stomach as the complex compounds are already broken down. 

It Makes You Feel Healthy

When you eat a meal loaded with fats, you might feel lethargic, exhausted, and tired. It is due to the fact that your body needs to do some extra effort to process that sort of food. Notwithstanding, when you eat boiled food that gets processed quickly, you feel more strengthened, and this creates a feeling of satisfaction and prosperity.

Complete Process to Prepare Boiled Food 

Pesto Boiled Potatoes

This is a very delicious, quick, and easy-to-make boiled food recipe. Irrespective of age, it is loved by almost everyone.


  • Potatoes (medium-sized) – 7 
  • Pesto sauce – 2 tbsp
  • Olive oil – 1 tsp
  • Salt – as required
  • black pepper – as required
  • Parsley – for garnishing


  1. Properly wash and remove the skin of the potatoes and let them boil. 
  2. After boiling, let them cool at room temperature and cut into pieces.
  3. Then add potatoes, olive oil, pesto sauce, pepper, and salt in a bowl and mix well.
  4. Garnish with freshly chopped parsley and enjoy your boiled food for weight loss.
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