A Guide To Choosing The Best Cut Of Beef For Jerky

Choosing the right cut of meat for your beef jerky can be challenging, but we’ll give you some guidelines to help you narrow it down.

To choose jerky meat, one of the most important criteria is the fat content, and it should be the first thing you take into account. The fat cannot be fully dehydrated when making jerky, meaning that leaner cuts tend to be better. Jerky with too much fat will spoil more quickly. It is advisable to choose a cut with slightly fatter if you will eat all your jerky within a short period of time.

Intermuscular Fat-Intermuscular fat is the fat that surrounds the protein, and it should be removed before making jerky. Jerky is easier to make when meat has the least intermuscular fat.  Marbling between muscle fibers is the intramuscular fat. Jerky is more tender and juicier when there is more marbling; this contributes to the flavor and tenderness.

You’re better off buying the most economical cuts of beef than the most expensive ones. Jerky can also be made with relatively tough meat cuts. Filet mignon and ribeye are usually better suited to other uses than cooking.

Is It Possible To Make Jerky From Ground Beef?

Definitely! It’s easier than using whole muscle beef, but the result is typically not as tasty. There are significant differences in the texture of ground beef jerky and traditional jerky. To make this process easier, consider buying a “jerky gun” and choosing the leanest meat you can get.

The Best Ways To Buy Beef Jerky

The fresher the meat, the better. Do not purchase meat with dark spots, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, or dark spots. Before buying beef, thoroughly inspect it.

You’ll lose a significant amount of weight during the dehydration process. Three pounds of meat per pound of jerky is a good rule of thumb.

You can find an amazing butcher who can supply you with the supplies you need to make your own jerky. When you make jerky at home, it is crucial to ensure that the jerky cooks evenly, which is why they can slice the beef for you.

Knowing what cuts, you prefer allows you to keep an eye out for weekly sales and specials and purchase large quantities for a great price.

Beef Jerky: The Ultimate Guide To The Best Meats

You can make jerky yourself, but it is challenging. Selection of the right cuts of beef is one of the most important parts of the process. It is easy to make your own beef jerky because you can control every aspect and you can experiment with different cuts on a small scale.