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Health Benefits of Turkish Cuisine You Probably Didn’t Know

Turkish cuisine is very seasonal and essentially healthy, with many dishes developed around the horde of available fresh produce.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, eggs, and meat are produced in different parts of the country, which guarantees highly nutritious and fresh-tasting food.

The flavors and spices of Turkish cuisine are not only lip-smacking because they also provide exceptional antioxidant properties, eliminate toxins, work to reduce cholesterol levels, and boost immunity.

Fresh herbs including dill, parsley, and rosemary are often used to flavor dishes. Across the Aegean and the regions with smaller populations, wild herbs are always in demand because of their assumed health properties and medicinal benefits.

Spices like red pepper flakes, ginger, and sumac are used either to add flavor to dishes or as homeopathic remedies on their own.

Olive oil is traditionally used to cook and preserve dishes, offering essential antioxidants and trans fats. Fresh fish and other seafood loaded with essential fatty acids also contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.

If you are still unconvinced, here are other health benefits that Turkish cuisine can offer so you can enjoy not onlyits sumptuous taste but also its health and wellness properties.


Food is no doubt essential in life,but you can still make it even better if you share it with your family and friends. The country of Turkey is very hospitable and welcoming. There is nothing more Turkish than gathering everyone together to share jokes anda good laugh over a meal cooked and prepared intricately.

You can find a huge selection of regional specialties no matter where you go in Turkey. These specialties make the most out of fresh produce, wild and traditional herbs and spices, as well as locally produced olive oils.

Herbs and Spices

Turkish cooking uses a lot of leafy fresh herbs that abound in flavors and offer a long list of health benefits simultaneously. Rich in vitamins and minerals, wild herbs found in Turkey have usually been celebrated thanks to their amazing anti-inflammatory qualities.

You can find a huge selection of regional herb varieties across the Aegean and into Anatolia proper that are highly valued and are usual staples seen in local markets or spice shops.

Spices extensively available in spice markets are an essential aspect not only of Turkish cuisine but also of Turkish life in general. From the Spice Bazaar of Istanbulto home kitchens, you can always see spices no matter where you go.

Used as flavors, many of these spices are rich in essential antioxidants,minerals, and vitamins, and are also known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Chili powder, cinnamon, and ginger powder mixed with some honey is a common homemade remedy that helps cure sore throat. It is a powerful effective remedy that is characteristically Turkish and takes advantage of the ingredients that are readily available in almost all households, offering a sharp kick and a variety of vitamins and minerals with every sip.

Shopping from an online Turkish supermarket –, you will get the chance to harness the power of the amazing benefits that Turkish cuisine can offer. Byenjoying freshly prepared Turkish dishes with rich herb and spice flavors, you can expect to enjoy the wellness and health you have always wished for!

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Dishes That Are Best Enjoyed At A Food Truck

While you might enjoy going to fancy restaurants every once in a while, the comfort of enjoying lip-smacking food truck dishes like gourmet burgers or wood-fired pizzas with your friends hits differently. 

It is also a little easy on your pocket when you have a tight budget. Moreover, everyone has one favorite food truck they keep returning to because of the quality and taste they serve. You have several options to choose from, and you can customize your meals if you want, without cutting a hole in your pocket. 

If you and your friends love eating street food but are also concerned about your health and hygiene, Riverside food truck can be your next favorite place to try out some delicious food truck dishes.

Dishes that are best enjoyed at a food truck 

  • Gourmet burgers 

Gourmet burgers are one of the most popular and loved food truck dishes. They are incredibly delicious, and almost everyone likes them because of the excellent flavors they provide. Moreover, they are also one of the cheapest dishes available at any food truck, and preparation time is super quick, so you do not have to wait long for your order. 

The best part is burgers of any kind are convenient to consume and make a perfect snack on the go. Even for the food truck, burgers have been their best seller. Hence almost all food trucks include them in their menus. 

  • Indian street food

Indian street food is also quite famous among food truck dishes. Not only is it popular in America, but all around the world prefer eating Indian street food because of its unique and versatile flavors. 

Most Indian street foods provide a lot of sauces like curries. They have several vegan options, making them a perfect food truck dish considering the variety of flavors they bring to customers. Moreover, if you are bored of eating the staple burgers, you can go for Indian street food as it has a wide range of ingredients like rice, sauce, and flatbreads that give you the taste of several flavors in a single dish. 

  • Stone baked pizza 

An interesting fact is some best-tasting food items in the world were invented because of the necessities of the less fortunate. One such dish that has traveled t all parts of the world is pizzas. While pizzas are a popular dish from fancy restaurants to the street, some people say they are best enjoyed by a good food truck that offers stone-baked pizzas. 

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Muslim Food: What’s Safe and What’s Not Allowed?

It’s quite surprising that many Muslims are still clueless about what they are allowed to eat. Most of the time, the maximum they know is that there are two categories of butchery: Muslims eat Halaal while non-Muslims eat Jhatka.

Whether you are Muslim yourself or you are inviting some Muslim guests soon, here are the top four categories of food:

Halal Means Lawful

Halal slaughter involves using a sharp knife. This shouldn’t be seen by the animal before it is slaughtered. Also, the animal should be well-fed and well-rested before slaughtering. The slaughtering itself shouldn’t be done with other animals present.

The neck’s jugular vein must be cut to drain the live animal’s blood. The butcher must also invoke Allah’s name saying “Bismillah” to take the life of the animal to meet the lawful need for food. Vegetarian animals are the only ones allowed to be slaughtered.

Birds that feed on vegetables and seeds are allowed. Birds that feed on forbidden items such as insects are only allowed if insects are not a primary aspect of their diet. Some insects like locusts are also permitted but the rest are forbidden.

Haram Means Unlawful or Forbidden

Haram is the Arabic term that means “forbidden”. Haram acts are prohibited in the religious texts of Sunnah and the Quran. If something is regarded as haram, this remains forbidden no matter how honorable the purpose is or how good the intention is. Dietary prohibitions in Islamic law are believed to help with understanding the divine will.

Muslims are not allowed to consume flowing blood. The types of meats considered haram, like a cat, dog, monkey, pork, or other haram animals, can be only regarded as lawful during emergencies such as when a person is starving, and his life should be saved through eating that meat.

But these meats are not considered permissible or necessary if society has excess food. All types of carnivores with fangs like dogs, cats lions, tigers, and wolves are haram. Birds with talons like hawks, falcons, eagles, and vultures are haram. Domesticated donkeys are also haram.

Mushtabahat and Mashbooh Means Doubtful or Questionable

There is also a grey area known as mushbooh. If you have no idea about the haram or halal or status of a certain drink or food, it is best to avoid consuming it.

Makruh Means Distasteful, Inappropriate, or Offensive

While makruh actions are less severe compared to haram, it is suggested to avoid performing them. It will give a Muslim a much better chance of reaping the rewards of Allah.

Makruh food as determined by the Quran says that man must only consume pure food, and everything impure is considered makruh. It includes food that is rotten or spoiled. This includes crabs, prawns, and shrimp which are all carrion eaters.

There are indeed many basic rules to remember and follow when it comes to Muslim food and its different categories. Visit and shop for all your Muslim food needs!

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What Features to Expect from Online Grocery Delivery Apps

Grocery delivery apps have now become a popular trend among consumers and grocery store owners alike.

If you are a consumer, here are some of the key features you can expect from online grocery delivery apps.

Chat Support

With the help of the chat support feature, consumers can raise their queries and have direct interaction with the grocery app’s chat support team. This is important if you have any issues that need to be resolved right away.

Push Notifications

The push notification is the most useful feature not only for the consumers but even for grocery store owners. These push notifications are the popup messages that are directly sent to the devices of the app user. They have proven their exceptional value in terms of increasing sales and retaining more app users.

Recommended Products

Thanks to eCommerce, it is now possible to mark specific products as recommended straight on the app. For instance, products can be marked as top-rated, bestsellers, and others. This can also come in handy for app users.

This is the same kind of feature that you might have seen on shopping websites. With this feature, the user’s previous search histories will be used to display the list of recommendations in the app.

Logins or Signups

Most app users today have been so used to quick and easy steps these days that time more time-consuming steps such as manual ways are no longer such a pleasant experience anymore. The process of registration must be user-friendly and simple. Some apps simplify this process by linking through a social media login.

Aside from this, other options include using the mobile number and email address. You can also find apps that offer fingerprint authentication. Users always appreciate it when they are given more options to choose from.

Smarter Search Methods

The search method is the main feature of grocery delivery apps and this needs to be effective but simple at the same time. It also needs to offer convenience to let the user search the products they need from the app.

The developer of the app should add different types of filters to make the process easier and smoother so that users can find the items they need in the list faster than ever. You can also find app developers that offer search through voice commands or uploading photos, something that customers find very satisfying.

Secure Payment Gateways

Rounding up this list of features of grocery apps is probably one of the most important, which is online payment. Apps can offer different payment channels such as via debit card, credit cards, Stripe or PayPal, or cash on delivery option. Offering secure payment methods can make users more willing to pay for their groceries online. This way, a contactless delivery will be possible that can benefit both the consumers and the delivery riders.

If you need quality ethnic grocery delivery – Bakkal is here to give you all of these features and more.

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Exploring Restaurant Owner Income

Did you know that 4% of the US GDP is spent on restaurant meals? For this reason, it is safe to conclude that the US restaurant industry is booming. Americans also prefer consuming restaurant foods. So, don’t be surprised that approximately 50 percent of money spent on food in the country is spent on restaurants. For individuals offering their services in the hospitality industry, the increasing consumer interest in restaurant meals is translating to lucrative business opportunities, especially in restaurant ownership. Consequently, prospective entrepreneurs looking for worthwhile investments should consider venturing into the lucrative US restaurant industry.

What consideration should you make before starting a restaurant business?

First, owning a restaurant is one of the most exciting things you can do, especially if you are interested in the food and hospitality space. Second, you will enjoy being in the restaurant business if you possess an entrepreneurial mindset. What’s more, you will enjoy living as a restaurant owner if you are ready to work in the service industry and have a passion for growing a community.

As you can see, being a restaurant owner can be satisfying. The career can also be lucrative. However, remember that for restaurant owners, the money you take home will depend on the success of your restaurant business. Are you considering getting into the restaurant business? If so, understanding how much restaurant owners make will help you plan for your career in the hospitality industry. Get in touch with owners of the best restaurants for sale in Florida to understand the business even better

How much do restaurant owners make?

The average restaurant owner salary in the US is $60,000. However, remember that the success of a restaurant will have a final say on what the restaurant owner takes home as salary. Remember that, like entrepreneurs, restaurant owners are business owners who own and operate their businesses. As a result, they have a huge control over their earnings.

Expect restaurant owners to pay themselves more when their enterprises are profitable. On the other hand, these entrepreneurs will often reduce their pay when the restaurant isn’t making a lot of money, as it happened during the Covid-19 mandatory lockdown. Remember that you can always adjust your income as a restaurant owner once the business starts breaking even.

Will You Be Rich

While restaurants can make a lot of money, remember that most of the revenue from the business must be reinvested for the business to stay afloat or keep running. Also, remember that restaurants have expenses. Some of the most common restaurant expenses include sales tax, insurance, repairs, utilities, food & supplies, liquor, utilities,and etcetera.

So, you can earn a lot of money working in a restaurant. But this will happen gradually, not overnight. It’s worth noting that there is no restaurant that can make money without growing a loyal customer base.

How are restaurant owners paid?

If you are wondering how much do restaurant owners make, you will be pleased to learn that restaurant owners can be paid using monthly wages or by taking a piece of the restaurant’s overall profits. The bigger and profitable the restaurant, the more you are likely to walk away with huge amounts of cash in wages or restaurant profits. A compensation package might also be on the offing to help you increase your income as a restaurant owner. 

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What To Know About A Beginner’s Guide To Drying Jerky?

The best snack you can have been jerky without a doubt. Dry meat is not only incredibly tasty, but also a great on-the-go snack while camping, on a road trip, or at home. Despite being readily available in supermarkets and gas stations, you can also make jerky at home very easily. The secret to making tasty jerky is drying it properly. Here are some tips. Follow this guide to learn how to make jerky from start to finish.

Jerky: A Quick Introduction

The term jerky refers to seasoned, dried, and salted meats. It is possible to store jerky on the shelf without refrigeration for several weeks because it has a low moisture content. The most common type of jerky is beef, but all kinds of meat, from turkey to pork to ground beef, can be made into jerky.

Jerky has actually been around for a very long time, even though many people think of it as a modern snack. “Jerky” comes from the Quechuan word “ch’arki” (the Quechua are indigenous South American people who live in the Andean highlands from Ecuador to Bolivia).

During long journeys, the indigenous people of South America brought jerky with them. Jerky is now a favorite snack among campers, hikers, and snackers looking for a salty, protein-packed snack. Since 1986, NASA astronauts have eaten beef jerky while in outer space, as soldiers often snacked on beef jerky during World War II.

You must prepare jerky first before you can consider drying it. Get your jerky ready by following these steps:

  • Fat should be removed from the meat as much as possible.
  • You can slice the meat easier if you partially freeze it.
  • Cut the meat into strips while it is still slightly frozen. About 1 – 1 1 2 inches wide by 4 -10 inches long, the strips should be about 1 4 – 3 8 inches thick.
  • Make sure to cut your jerky across the grain for more tender results.
  • You can flatten your jerky with a rolling pin to make it uniformly thick.
  • 160 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for jerky strips. You can either bake them at 325 degrees Fahrenheit to get them to the proper temperature.
  • When the jerky meat has been cooked, you can add a marinade to give it some additional flavor. You can use your favorite sauces and seasonings to make two to three cups of marinade. Add a few strips of meat to the marinade, and bring it to a boil over medium heat.
  • Cover the meat strips completely with the marinade, and bring the pan to a boil. It is also possible to marinate the meat overnight before cooking it.

How Can You Avoid Certain Drying Methods?

The microwave will produce uneven heating, which will result in unevenly dried jerky. The problem with smokers is that they can be difficult to keep at a consistent temperature.

Despite being an ancient technique, sun-drying can only be done in sunny, hot, arid, and breezy areas. This method is generally not worth the risk because of the potential for food poisoning.

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Health Drink

Health Drink for 1-Year-Old: What to Give Your Baby

Health Drink for 1-Year-Old: What to Give Your Baby

What should you give your baby to drink? It’s a question that every parent has asked themselves at one point or another. Whether you’re bottle-feeding, breastfeeding, or doing both, there are plenty of options for sippy cups and other containers that hold liquids.

In this article post, we’ll take a look at some of the health drinks for a 1-year baby and how much water is enough. We’ll also talk about some common misconceptions about healthy beverages so you can feel confident in the choices you make for your little one.

1. Milk (breast milk, formula)

Milk is the main source of nutrition in a year-old baby’s daily diet. Milk provides protein, fat, and carbohydrate, which are essential for growth and development. Breast milk is especially beneficial to babies who are born preterm or at low birth weight because it contains some substances which protect their immunity systems. Furthermore, it also contains Immunol ac, milk that increases the number of infection-fighting cells.

Formula milk is a good alternative to breast milk and contains all the nutrients required for a baby’s growth and development. However, it lacks some immunity-boosting substances in breast milk.

2. Pasteurized milk

Cow’s milk is not recommended for babies younger than one year old because they are lactose intolerant which means that they cannot digest the sugar in cow’s milk easily. If your baby drinks too much whole cow’s milk, he will suffer from diarrhea and could become malnourished. He may also develop iron deficiency anemia.

This milk has too many calories, which can result in obesity if it is consumed excessively. Whole cow’s milk may be substituted with fresh pasteurized milk or evaporated milk, especially for children above one year old. However, it is still best to consult your pediatrician first before giving the following options to your baby.

3. Buffalo milk

Buffalo milk is an excellent substitute for whole cow’s milk because it contains less lactose. It has more calcium than cow’s milk, but it is still advisable to introduce your child to this type of milk after one-year-old. In India, we might have witnessed a person who visits buildings with a buffalo to give milk to children.

4. Horlicks junior

Horlicks Junior is a popular choice for children because it is flavorful and nutritious. It is a health drink powder for a 1-year baby. It contains vitamins, calcium, and iron which are very necessary for your child’s development. Horlicks Junior also contains probiotics (healthy bacteria) which help to strengthen the immune system of children.

5. Soy drinks

Soy milk or soy-based infant formula can be given to babies who can’t drink milk to provide them with nutrients and protein. However, soy products do not contain lactose, and it is important that children still receive calcium from other sources such as fish, leafy vegetables, bread, cereals, and legumes.

You may also like: Look out for these signs & symptoms of low immunity.

6. Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are healthy drinks for babies who have just started eating solid food. It is recommended to give them 100% fruit juice because it contains less sugar than other fruit juices. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics has advised that fruit drinks should not replace breast milk or formula in a baby’s diet because they do not provide enough nutrients.

Water should be given to babies who are at least six months old. It is important to know that babies who are breastfed do not need any water because it can reduce the supply of breast milk.

You should always consider your pediatrician’s advice about whether your baby needs any other drinks aside from breastfeeding or formula feeding. The doctor will also advise that fruit juices should be introduced in small amounts after six months old. Hope you found our article informative!

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Is Vegan Cheese Sauce Healthier Than Regular Cheese Sauce?

Veganism has been around for a long time now, but it became a trend in late 2010. Many years after that, an economist declared 2019 the year of the vegan. Many people across Australia have chosen not to eat any product that involves animal agriculture – from meat to dairy.

We have many vegetarians in our society, and meat alternatives are something that we are used to. However, the vegan dairy market has become more prominent due to the increasing number of followers of a vegan lifestyle. Dairy companies have created alternatives to each of their dairy products that look exactly like the regular ones. This is also great for those who are intolerant to lactose.

You can easily imitate the look of products like cheese sauce, but what about the taste and the texture. Most importantly, is vegan cheese sauce healthier than regular cheese sauce?

Cheese sauce is made from cheese, and cheese comes from cow, sheep, or goat milk, and it already has a great nutritional value. On the other hand, vegan cheese sauce is made from soy, nuts and vegetable oil with comparatively less nutrition than milk.

At the same time, the biggest problem of plant-based cheese sauce is that it lacks a nutritional profile. Regular cheese sauce contains protein, fats and calcium, which is good for our health. However, it also tends to be higher in sodium. Sometimes we try to minimize animal products and replace them with vegan products, and cheese sauce can be one of them.

However, we cannot speak so for all brands selling vegan cheese sauce; some companies have matched regular cheese sauce’s taste, texture, and nutritional profile. So, it is necessary to go through the nutritional label and read all the ingredients to not fall into the plant-based unhealthy food trap. Those who are into veganism or are lactose intolerant do not have the option to eat regular cheese sauce. Still, if you are avoiding traditional cheese sauce because you have to follow every trend or avoid saturated fats, you may not have to do that.

Vegan cheese sauce is also processed just like the regular one, and vegan cheese sauce often requires more processing to achieve the taste and texture of the natural cheese sauce. Any cheese products are acceptable for your health in moderation – they make our bones and teeth stronger and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

However, you have to invest in a good-quality liquid cheese sauce to be healthy, and the same goes for vegan cheese sauces. If you buy some low-quality cheese sauce, it might not be beneficial because it contains harmful additives.

Pure Dairy should be your number choice for cheese sauce. Their Anita Cheese Sauce is the number one liquid cheese sauce product among restaurateurs. Anita Cheese Sauce by Pure Dairy is made from a variety of high-quality Australian cheeses. It is also free from nasty additives and preservatives. You can easily purchase this super-smooth cheese sauce by contacting Pure Dairy, and they will advise you of suppliers in your area.

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