What Features to Expect from Online Grocery Delivery Apps

Grocery delivery apps have now become a popular trend among consumers and grocery store owners alike.

If you are a consumer, here are some of the key features you can expect from online grocery delivery apps.

Chat Support

With the help of the chat support feature, consumers can raise their queries and have direct interaction with the grocery app’s chat support team. This is important if you have any issues that need to be resolved right away.

Push Notifications

The push notification is the most useful feature not only for the consumers but even for grocery store owners. These push notifications are the popup messages that are directly sent to the devices of the app user. They have proven their exceptional value in terms of increasing sales and retaining more app users.

Recommended Products

Thanks to eCommerce, it is now possible to mark specific products as recommended straight on the app. For instance, products can be marked as top-rated, bestsellers, and others. This can also come in handy for app users.

This is the same kind of feature that you might have seen on shopping websites. With this feature, the user’s previous search histories will be used to display the list of recommendations in the app.

Logins or Signups

Most app users today have been so used to quick and easy steps these days that time more time-consuming steps such as manual ways are no longer such a pleasant experience anymore. The process of registration must be user-friendly and simple. Some apps simplify this process by linking through a social media login.

Aside from this, other options include using the mobile number and email address. You can also find apps that offer fingerprint authentication. Users always appreciate it when they are given more options to choose from.

Smarter Search Methods

The search method is the main feature of grocery delivery apps and this needs to be effective but simple at the same time. It also needs to offer convenience to let the user search the products they need from the app.

The developer of the app should add different types of filters to make the process easier and smoother so that users can find the items they need in the list faster than ever. You can also find app developers that offer search through voice commands or uploading photos, something that customers find very satisfying.

Secure Payment Gateways

Rounding up this list of features of grocery apps is probably one of the most important, which is online payment. Apps can offer different payment channels such as via debit card, credit cards, Stripe or PayPal, or cash on delivery option. Offering secure payment methods can make users more willing to pay for their groceries online. This way, a contactless delivery will be possible that can benefit both the consumers and the delivery riders.

If you need quality ethnic grocery delivery – Bakkal is here to give you all of these features and more.

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Identify Whether Foods Are Halal Or Haram?

Many Muslims worldwide are curious about what foods are halal (lawful) and Haram (unlawful). Unfortunately, many non-Muslims don’t accurately understand Islamic dietary laws. This lakh of knowledge can lead to confusion and even potential conflicts. To help you identify and know whether foods are halal or haram, we’ll discuss the basics of halal and haram foods and guide how to identify them. You can also go through our targeted links for more information.

What Are Halal Foods?

Halal Foods are foods that meet the Islamic dietary guidelines. In other words, without hurting the animal and its environment during the preparation process. There are specific rules and regulations governing halal food production. It is essential to be aware of them if you wish to consume these products.

They must use humane methods to slaughter Halal foods, and this rule is one of the essential requirements. The animal should also be fully conscious during the process, which allows it to feel pain and die peacefully.

How Do We Differentiate Between Halal & Haram Food?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the terms halal and haram, which can confuse consumers. For the most part, halal means that an animal has been killed according to Islamic law and must meet specific standards before its use in food. Haram refers to any type of meat or food that is not considered Halal by Islam; this includes pork, alcohol, etc.

Since there are many different interpretations of these two terms, it’s essential to educate yourself about them to know what ingredients are allowed in your diet and why.

Additionally, it’s crucial to read food labels carefully so you don’t inadvertently consume anything that isn’t compliant with Muslim dietary guidelines. In general, though, if you’re looking for foods that are clean and free from allergens (both religious & environmental!), then Halal might be a better option than Haram. Please visit here to learn more about it.


In this blog, we explore how to identify and know whether foods are halal or haram. We explain the basics of Islamic law and its relevance to food and provide tips on determining if a particular food is halal or haram. We hope that this information will help you make informed decisions about your diet and avoid unwanted complications.

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Know the Difference Between a High Risk and A Low-Risk Food Handler

Just like any other industry, hotel and food industry includes the job roles where professionals have different types of responsibilities. And since food safety is a huge concern among the global consumers, there have been create different types of food handling certificate online. This is the reason that there is a basic handler card and a high risk card, also known as a higher risk card, for which the individuals would need to undergo the food safety handling course online. For those who don’t know, there are various differences in the high risk and low risk food handler certificate program.

Here is a complete detailed guide on the difference between the high risk and low risk food handler programs.

Food handling at a basic level (low risk)

As the name suggests, the basic level of food handling certification is aimed for the people working in the food industry and may be in contact with food in a non-direct way or who, in some way, may be involved in the food processing chain. The only thing to be noted here that these professionals are not directly linked with the food processing chain.

This is the basic type of food handling certificate that is more suitable for the transport of food, for agricultural-livestock production or for those jobs. We can say that the training provided with the basic food safety course online is more basic, too elementary so you can choose from a wider range of companies offering the training programs online. This is a more versatile training program for the professionals working in the food industry, useful for the needs of the professional and the labour market. 

How Does One Safely Handle Low-Risk Foods?

With the proper storage and handling of the food items that involve low risk ensures that there is a very low risk of any bacteria growing during storage, handling, or delivery. One has to ensure clean and sanitize all surfaces that come into contact with food.

High risk food handling

The next in the list we have here is the high risk food handling training programs that are more exclusively useful for the people who are directly involved with the handling of food, both fresh and cooked, and its intermediate stages. This training program helps professionals to take into account the risk incurred so that they can be prevented and minimized as much as possible. Various online training companies offer the custom high risk food handler certificate online to enable the working professionals to carry out these activities.

In the current market, the high risk food handling course online have been standardized as the common courses useful for the working professionals in the food industry to help people with the proper food handling and safety.

How Does One Safely Handle High-Risk Foods?

The professionals working in the high-risk food environment are required to have a food handler program because proper food handling can reduce the risk of illnesses caused by bacteria. Safe food handling means that the food is not just stored in the right manner, but it is also handled well.

While we can say that the difference involved in the effort and cost for obtaining the high risk and low risk food handling certificate online is almost the same and the validity period for the both is also the same for legal purposes, being the companies responsible for their Health and Hygiene Plans.

Final Words

So, when you are in the food industry associated with handling or transportation of food, opting for the appropriate food handling course online is mandatory. You must ensure that you are having the right type of food safety program like low risk food safety or high risk food safety program to make the most of your investment in the food safety program online.

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Exploring Restaurant Owner Income

Did you know that 4% of the US GDP is spent on restaurant meals? For this reason, it is safe to conclude that the US restaurant industry is booming. Americans also prefer consuming restaurant foods. So, don’t be surprised that approximately 50 percent of money spent on food in the country is spent on restaurants. For individuals offering their services in the hospitality industry, the increasing consumer interest in restaurant meals is translating to lucrative business opportunities, especially in restaurant ownership. Consequently, prospective entrepreneurs looking for worthwhile investments should consider venturing into the lucrative US restaurant industry.

What consideration should you make before starting a restaurant business?

First, owning a restaurant is one of the most exciting things you can do, especially if you are interested in the food and hospitality space. Second, you will enjoy being in the restaurant business if you possess an entrepreneurial mindset. What’s more, you will enjoy living as a restaurant owner if you are ready to work in the service industry and have a passion for growing a community.

As you can see, being a restaurant owner can be satisfying. The career can also be lucrative. However, remember that for restaurant owners, the money you take home will depend on the success of your restaurant business. Are you considering getting into the restaurant business? If so, understanding how much restaurant owners make will help you plan for your career in the hospitality industry. Get in touch with owners of the best restaurants for sale in Florida to understand the business even better

How much do restaurant owners make?

The average restaurant owner salary in the US is $60,000. However, remember that the success of a restaurant will have a final say on what the restaurant owner takes home as salary. Remember that, like entrepreneurs, restaurant owners are business owners who own and operate their businesses. As a result, they have a huge control over their earnings.

Expect restaurant owners to pay themselves more when their enterprises are profitable. On the other hand, these entrepreneurs will often reduce their pay when the restaurant isn’t making a lot of money, as it happened during the Covid-19 mandatory lockdown. Remember that you can always adjust your income as a restaurant owner once the business starts breaking even.

Will You Be Rich

While restaurants can make a lot of money, remember that most of the revenue from the business must be reinvested for the business to stay afloat or keep running. Also, remember that restaurants have expenses. Some of the most common restaurant expenses include sales tax, insurance, repairs, utilities, food & supplies, liquor, utilities,and etcetera.

So, you can earn a lot of money working in a restaurant. But this will happen gradually, not overnight. It’s worth noting that there is no restaurant that can make money without growing a loyal customer base.

How are restaurant owners paid?

If you are wondering how much do restaurant owners make, you will be pleased to learn that restaurant owners can be paid using monthly wages or by taking a piece of the restaurant’s overall profits. The bigger and profitable the restaurant, the more you are likely to walk away with huge amounts of cash in wages or restaurant profits. A compensation package might also be on the offing to help you increase your income as a restaurant owner. 

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5 Unique Ways To Add Beef Jerky In Recipes

Do you prefer beef jerky for quick snacking and backpacking? Beef jerky is full of high lean protein and flavor and can be used in many preparations. Here are some unique ways of adding beef jerky to various foods. Hope, you will find this article helpful for you. 

Fried Rice With Beef Jerky

Adding beef jerky to your regular rice can be ideal for enjoying it. You can use beef jerky to get your fried rice back with a charming taste, and it gives a nice flavor and adds a certain amount of protein to the food. 

Spicy Beef Kimchi

This idea works great, especially for Korean food lovers. While preparing it, you can add the jerky to your kimchi. As soon as the kimchi ferments, the beef will release its delicious flavor. But remember, too much beef jerky can overpower the kimchi. So, give only the recommended level. 

Garnish The Plate With A Brunch Cocktail

With this delicious and healthy beef jerky, you will be able to make your Sunday brunch more enjoyable. It is possible to use this jerky made of beef instead of bacon and it’ll provide more protein and make your cocktail quite different from the usual occasions. It is a great way to start your day off with a nutritious and delicious snack by including them in your breakfast. 

Add-In Soup

Beef Jerky is versatile and can be used in any type of soup. When you’re making fresh corn soup, vegetable soup, stew including beef jerky can enhance the overall flavor of your soup. Additionally, it adds a crunchy texture to the soup that children will enjoy. 

Top It Over Boiled Egg

You can use these jerky beef strips over boiled eggs and enjoy them as tasty evening snacks. By adding those strips, you can also change the bland taste of a boiled egg. You can also mix those beef jerky with mayonnaise to give them a creamy look. The boiled eggs with beef jerky topping will give their taste buds a charming taste. 


Country Archer Beef jerky has fantastic versatility, and you can use it with almost every food. Take the ideas from the above article, and make your dinner, lunch, and breakfast time exquisite with this superfood. But don’t add too much beef jerky to any food, and too much of it can be a health concern.

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Saffola oats and Saffola Honey : Overview and Benefits

Saffola Oats are made from well-selected grains that are sterilized by steam, rolled, and then toasted. They are rich in healthy dietary fibers. Saffola oats & Honey products are convenient and easy to use.

Saffola oats are a steaming cup of quality assurance. Available in five exciting flavours and enriched with real fruits, saffola oats: control diabetes and cholesterol, provide a good source of essential vitamins and minerals, control and manage body weight, boost heart health, and provide high soluble fiber content. Saffola is the largest FMCG brand in the Oats category, representing a healthy lifestyle for better living.

Saffola Oats: Saffola Multigrain Flakes Oats is an advanced combination of six grains, namely edible oats flake, millet, maize, barley, wheat, and rye. It contains steel-cut oats which have a lower glycemic index and help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. In addition to this, it is rich in dietary fiber. The flaked oats have undergone the process of steam cooking, puffed, and dehydrated resulting in easily digestible oats.

Saffola honey is 100% natural with no added sugar or water. It is pure and unprocessed, offering the goodness of nature in every spoon. Saffola Honey has antiseptic properties which help soothe throat irritation or cough. It is a rich source of calcium & Copper which are important for bone & heart health. Saffola has been helping Indians lead healthier and tastier lives. In keeping with this, Saffola honey keeps you fit as vitamin E and flavonoids contained in it are antioxidants that help remove harmful free radicals from your body.

Saffola Oats are made with the goodness of rolled oats and multigrain flakes (ragi, bajra, and wheat) that helps seal the lid on hunger pangs. The blend of oats, cardamom, almonds, and jaggery makes it not just healthy but also delicious. Made with Oats and Honey, Saffola oats and honey are excellent sources of soluble fiber. As part of a well-balanced diet, Soluble fiber can help nourish your heart by lowering the LDL (bad) cholesterol within a healthy range. Saffola oats Honey comes from the nectars that bees collect from flowers, it is a natural source of antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Saffola Oats and Honey with 100% real fruits give you the dual benefit of antioxidants from real fruits & fiber from oats. Discover a range of innovative products that have been created to give you a holistic approach to wellness. The Saffola Oats have a unique Heart Care recipe that helps reduce bad cholesterol levels by absorbing only 7% fat. Saffola Honey is 100% Pure and Natural. It is a rich source of antioxidants and contains natural plant chemicals called flavonoids that help reduce bad cholesterol from the body. Go ahead and spread Saffola Honey on your toast, add it to your favourite matcha latte or simply drizzle it onto your pancakes for a delicious sweet taste.

Saffola Honey is an excellent source of carbohydrates and provides instant energy. Saffola Honey is enriched with natural antioxidants. Saffola offers a wide range of health-oriented products that’ll take care of your wellbeing. Saffola honey is one such healthy product whose benefits are backed by science. This honey comes from the flower nectars collected by bees and is packed with the goodness of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and even antibacterial properties. It is an amazing option to satiate sudden hunger pangs without losing on taste.

Oats can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, by controlling cholesterol levels. Honey has been used since ancient times in remedies for a range of ailments and is still considered nature’s antiseptic. Saffola Honey and Saffola Oats have a host of benefits for your health. The main benefits of Saffola oats are several, because of the high fiber content. As a result, the cholesterol levels in the body are controlled, preventing colon cancer and weight gain, etc. Meanwhile, honey is an ancient recipe to sweeten beverages and dishes. Besides this, it has multiple benefits like curing infections and reducing allergies.

Oats contain soluble fibers called beta-glucans that reduce the risk of heart disease. Saffola Oats is rich in protein and dietary fiber, helping you fight hunger pangs for longer. It also has Beta Glucan (soluble fiber) and Linoleic acid for a healthier heart and good cholesterol. Saffola Honey does not contain any added sugar or other sweeteners and undergoes a special application of UltraViolet light to eliminate bacteria, making it 100% pure and safe for consumption by you and your family.

Saffola Honey: Nature’s golden sweetness Saffola Oats: Natural goodness at its best There are so many health benefits of oats and honey. So, start your day with the goodness of oats and honey together in Saffola Oats & Honey, a whole lot tastier than your regular breakfast. Saffola honey is India’s No. 1 honey brand and is trusted by over 2 crores+ Indians for its purity and superior quality. With the expertise of our MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor, Saffola Oats has been made with international quality standards for absolute taste and health.

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What To Know About A Beginner’s Guide To Drying Jerky?

The best snack you can have been jerky without a doubt. Dry meat is not only incredibly tasty, but also a great on-the-go snack while camping, on a road trip, or at home. Despite being readily available in supermarkets and gas stations, you can also make jerky at home very easily. The secret to making tasty jerky is drying it properly. Here are some tips. Follow this guide to learn how to make jerky from start to finish.

Jerky: A Quick Introduction

The term jerky refers to seasoned, dried, and salted meats. It is possible to store jerky on the shelf without refrigeration for several weeks because it has a low moisture content. The most common type of jerky is beef, but all kinds of meat, from turkey to pork to ground beef, can be made into jerky.

Jerky has actually been around for a very long time, even though many people think of it as a modern snack. “Jerky” comes from the Quechuan word “ch’arki” (the Quechua are indigenous South American people who live in the Andean highlands from Ecuador to Bolivia).

During long journeys, the indigenous people of South America brought jerky with them. Jerky is now a favorite snack among campers, hikers, and snackers looking for a salty, protein-packed snack. Since 1986, NASA astronauts have eaten beef jerky while in outer space, as soldiers often snacked on beef jerky during World War II.

You must prepare jerky first before you can consider drying it. Get your jerky ready by following these steps:

  • Fat should be removed from the meat as much as possible.
  • You can slice the meat easier if you partially freeze it.
  • Cut the meat into strips while it is still slightly frozen. About 1 – 1 1 2 inches wide by 4 -10 inches long, the strips should be about 1 4 – 3 8 inches thick.
  • Make sure to cut your jerky across the grain for more tender results.
  • You can flatten your jerky with a rolling pin to make it uniformly thick.
  • 160 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for jerky strips. You can either bake them at 325 degrees Fahrenheit to get them to the proper temperature.
  • When the jerky meat has been cooked, you can add a marinade to give it some additional flavor. You can use your favorite sauces and seasonings to make two to three cups of marinade. Add a few strips of meat to the marinade, and bring it to a boil over medium heat.
  • Cover the meat strips completely with the marinade, and bring the pan to a boil. It is also possible to marinate the meat overnight before cooking it.

How Can You Avoid Certain Drying Methods?

The microwave will produce uneven heating, which will result in unevenly dried jerky. The problem with smokers is that they can be difficult to keep at a consistent temperature.

Despite being an ancient technique, sun-drying can only be done in sunny, hot, arid, and breezy areas. This method is generally not worth the risk because of the potential for food poisoning.

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A Guide To Choosing The Best Cut Of Beef For Jerky

Choosing the right cut of meat for your beef jerky can be challenging, but we’ll give you some guidelines to help you narrow it down.

To choose jerky meat, one of the most important criteria is the fat content, and it should be the first thing you take into account. The fat cannot be fully dehydrated when making jerky, meaning that leaner cuts tend to be better. Jerky with too much fat will spoil more quickly. It is advisable to choose a cut with slightly fatter if you will eat all your jerky within a short period of time.

Intermuscular Fat-Intermuscular fat is the fat that surrounds the protein, and it should be removed before making jerky. Jerky is easier to make when meat has the least intermuscular fat.  Marbling between muscle fibers is the intramuscular fat. Jerky is more tender and juicier when there is more marbling; this contributes to the flavor and tenderness.

You’re better off buying the most economical cuts of beef than the most expensive ones. Jerky can also be made with relatively tough meat cuts. Filet mignon and ribeye are usually better suited to other uses than cooking.

Is It Possible To Make Jerky From Ground Beef?

Definitely! It’s easier than using whole muscle beef, but the result is typically not as tasty. There are significant differences in the texture of ground beef jerky and traditional jerky. To make this process easier, consider buying a “jerky gun” and choosing the leanest meat you can get.

The Best Ways To Buy Beef Jerky

The fresher the meat, the better. Do not purchase meat with dark spots, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, or dark spots. Before buying beef, thoroughly inspect it.

You’ll lose a significant amount of weight during the dehydration process. Three pounds of meat per pound of jerky is a good rule of thumb.

You can find an amazing butcher who can supply you with the supplies you need to make your own jerky. When you make jerky at home, it is crucial to ensure that the jerky cooks evenly, which is why they can slice the beef for you.

Knowing what cuts, you prefer allows you to keep an eye out for weekly sales and specials and purchase large quantities for a great price.

Beef Jerky: The Ultimate Guide To The Best Meats

You can make jerky yourself, but it is challenging. Selection of the right cuts of beef is one of the most important parts of the process. It is easy to make your own beef jerky because you can control every aspect and you can experiment with different cuts on a small scale.

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Best Drinks and Snacks You Can Buy at Indian Grocery Stores

When it comes to Indian food, not only the traditional recipes hold a sentimental value. There are also cult brands that remain well loved by many Indians, especially those who no longer live in their home country.

They still remember the snacks they enjoyed during their summer vacation in Gujarat or those treats they had at the Punjab home of their cousin. They have favorite brand names that they learned from the narrated stories of their grandparents or from the desi jingles that they can still hear in their ears. 

Needles to say, memories of Indian food last for a lifetime. 

But whether you are an Indian who misses your country, or you come from another ethnicity but are curious to try Indian food, here are some of the favorite Indian drinks and snacks you can buy from Indian grocery stores in Los Angeles:

Amul Butter

Did you know that Amul was launched in India a year before it earned its independence? Since then, it remained as the country’s leading dairy brand. The butter that is rightly salty, golden, and smooth remains as the favorite go-to product for breakfast lovers and bakers alike.

This brand has become so iconic that it rarely advertises on mainstream media. Well, there is really no need for them to do so since the company ranks sixth in the butter market of the world. 


It is very uncommon to meet an Indian who doesn’t love mangoes. This is why it is not a surprise that this particular mango-flavored drink is extremely popular not only in India but even overseas. Frooti was the country’s first-ever drink that was made available in PET bottles. 

Launched back in 1985, it marked the first time that Indians got their hands on bottled fruit juice within the country. To this day, desi parents continue recycling Frooti bottles and use them for storing everything from lemonade to other. 

Haldiram’s Aloo Bhujia

A type of fried flour snack, bhujia looks like broken noodle shards. Its width is similar to that of vermicelli, and you can sprinkle this on other Indian foods such as chaat or savory canapes and even turmeric-hinted and potato sandwiches.

Its value increased further when bhujias come from the Haldiram’s, the 80-year-old company that produces an extensive selection of other amazing snacks such as pickles, papadams, and potato chips. 

Parle G

Parle G is among the top selling brands of biscuits not just in India but even across the world. Considered to be at part with the Oreo brand, this non-cream biscuit enjoys a cult status among desis around the globe and it even tastes so much better when paired with a glass of milky chai. If Australians have Tim Tams, Indians have Parle Gs, a delightful treat that they eat and continue to eat whatever their age might be. 

MDH Spices

All Indian dishes, including drinks and desserts, contain different spices that are responsible for their core flavors. Although traditional Indian cooks opt to prepare their spice blends from scratch, MDH makes things easier and simpler. This 102-year-old brand offers pav bhaji mix prepared through combining pepper, coriander seeds, and dry mango powder. 

Don’t forget to add these snacks and drinks to your cart the next time you go shopping at an Indian grocery store! 

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Power Your Plate With More Color: The Benefits Of Eating A Variety Of Shades

Ever heard you should “eat the rainbow”? Choosing a colorful array of fruits and vegetables can help create a visually pleasing plate, but there are more compelling reasons to eat a variety of hues. A broad selection of colors helps ensure that you also consume a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, which are essential for good health.

Here’s a closer look at what the colors of produce mean, and why you should include them in your diet.

Graphic created by MadeWith Foods.

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