5 Unique Ways To Add Beef Jerky In Recipes

Do you prefer beef jerky for quick snacking and backpacking? Beef jerky is full of high lean protein and flavor and can be used in many preparations. Here are some unique ways of adding beef jerky to various foods. Hope, you will find this article helpful for you. 

Fried Rice With Beef Jerky

Adding beef jerky to your regular rice can be ideal for enjoying it. You can use beef jerky to get your fried rice back with a charming taste, and it gives a nice flavor and adds a certain amount of protein to the food. 

Spicy Beef Kimchi

This idea works great, especially for Korean food lovers. While preparing it, you can add the jerky to your kimchi. As soon as the kimchi ferments, the beef will release its delicious flavor. But remember, too much beef jerky can overpower the kimchi. So, give only the recommended level. 

Garnish The Plate With A Brunch Cocktail

With this delicious and healthy beef jerky, you will be able to make your Sunday brunch more enjoyable. It is possible to use this jerky made of beef instead of bacon and it’ll provide more protein and make your cocktail quite different from the usual occasions. It is a great way to start your day off with a nutritious and delicious snack by including them in your breakfast. 

Add-In Soup

Beef Jerky is versatile and can be used in any type of soup. When you’re making fresh corn soup, vegetable soup, stew including beef jerky can enhance the overall flavor of your soup. Additionally, it adds a crunchy texture to the soup that children will enjoy. 

Top It Over Boiled Egg

You can use these jerky beef strips over boiled eggs and enjoy them as tasty evening snacks. By adding those strips, you can also change the bland taste of a boiled egg. You can also mix those beef jerky with mayonnaise to give them a creamy look. The boiled eggs with beef jerky topping will give their taste buds a charming taste. 


Country Archer Beef jerky has fantastic versatility, and you can use it with almost every food. Take the ideas from the above article, and make your dinner, lunch, and breakfast time exquisite with this superfood. But don’t add too much beef jerky to any food, and too much of it can be a health concern.